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The Lessons from Industry 4.0 have taught us that the industry has a lot of great opportunities to improve and evolve along side technologies such as Big Data, Automation, AI, Blockchain and also 3D Printing. Those who transform and adapt to new processes are going to be able to stay on top  of competitors.

At Innovo we bring 3D Printing solutions to the industry and look for possibilities for improvement and increase of efficiency with the help of additive manufacturing.

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Improving Efficiency and Lowering production costs with 3D Printing

Automotive Companies are saving up $250k by using 3D printing in their production line. More Info

 Printing with High Strength Materials

PEEK and ULTEM 3D printing allows customers to create engineering grade replacement parts, tooling, injection moulds and even implants. More Info

Stay ahead by adding new processes in Manufacturing

Digital transformation creating new opportunities for the manufacturing industry. More Info