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Meet the Inventor, an Industrial 3D Printer for High Performance Polymers.

Performance and professional results at the reach of everyone.

  • Large print volume 31.5L (350x300x300mm)

  • Ultra fast print speeds (up to 400mm/s)

  • Modular Extruder

  • Touchscreen

  • Print with PEEK, ULTEM, PSU, PPSF and many other high temperature, high strength materials

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Nature doesn't stop teaching us about is greatness and beauty. One of the main commitment for Innovo is to encourage the reuse of raw material and the recovering of waste (like PET bottles). That's why we are creating recycled PET filament our of recovered PET  bottles.
With this project we hope to contribute to the recovering of all the different eco-systems affected by our own contamination and to also encourage companies to reutilize their own waste in an efficient way.






We at Innovo believe that developement and good use of technology should improve the quality of life for people. That's the reason why our first responsability is to find in the additive manufacturing applications that benefit our community and the ones that need it the most. Right now Innovo is working in a project with children from low income families in Colombia in need of a prothesis. We take this responsability very seriously and create a working prothesis for them and give it away for free. There is nothing more gratifying than looking at their faces when they finally receive it from us. At Innovo we believe that we can make the world a better place thought technology and put a lot of effort in making that a reallity.