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10 Automakers using Additive Manufacturing today

The Future of Trasportation and Manufacturing

February 2018   810 views

This Doctor from New Jersey just implanted a 3D Printed Skullbone into a man's head

Dr Gaurav Gupta, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery designed and implanted a PEEK skull bone

August 2017   896 views

3D Printing PEEK in the Aerospace Industry

Cost effective production of lightweight components reduces fuel consumption, material costs and CO2 emissions

July 2017   1371 views

How 3D Printing is helping this Manufacturer stay ahead of Competitors

How Jabil is integrating the lessons of Industry 4.0 into their processes

July 2017   1634 views

Building a Makerspace

We are opening a new design service to create FabLabs/Makerspaces

July 2017   2901 views

Volkswagen Autoeuropa: Aumentando Eficiencia en producción al Maximo

Como se ahorran $160 mil dolares en instrumentos, platillas y accesorios utilizando una impresora 3D

June 2017   18323 views

3D Printing with PEEK

The revolutionary material that is changing the world

April 2017   5653 views

Impresión 3D en la Geología

Aplicaciones de la Impresión 3D en Minería, Estudio de Suelos y Fósiles

March 2017   3188 views

Impresion 3D en la Industria Automotriz: Repuestos

Caso de Exito - Repuestos Impresos en 3D ahorran hasta un 600% los costos.

March 2017   1 comment   5627 views

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