Building a Makerspace

We are opening a new design service to create FabLabs/Makerspaces

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One of our priorities at Innovo as developers in the industry of 3D Printing and being in the middle of this 4th industrial revolution, is our duty to spread the word and teach industries, teachers, students and makers about the posibilities of the new technologies.

The ecosystem we are helping create in the industry will consequently augment demand on future professionals to have knowledge on 3D printing along side other technologies.

That's why we decided to add to our products and services the design of Makerspaces and FabLabs. Our goal with this is to generate a wide network of spaces with the adequate  tools and infrastructures. 

Thanks to the variety of professional expertise that work at Innovo, we are able to develop Makerspaces in an integral way, taking into account space and furniture design as well as generating the whole infrastructure for education and service lines and of course providing exceptional tools for 3D Printing.

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