About Us


Innovo was founded in 2011 by Adam Rumjahn in Montreal, Canadá. His background as mechanical engineer allowed him to focus the company mainly in automatization and the cration of solutions for the industry through engineering. Before moving to Cali, Colombia in mid 2014 he found interest and affinity in the additive manufacturing industry, being a technology with a lot of opportunities for the value promise the company was seeking.


Following a succesfull development cycle, the company is ready to launch its first fully functional commercial Industrial 3D Printer in the first quarter of 2017: The Inventor. The company targets the growing manufacturing market of small and mid size companies as well as the academic, biomedical, dental and design sector. The Inventor offers a great number of advantages over other 3D Printers: High Printing Volume, Up to 25 microns of resolution, 400mm/s of printing speed, auto-calibration, modular extruder and the ability to use a really wide variety of materials including industrial grade materials such as PC, ULTEM and PEEK.


Along side Adam, Innovo has built a strong and diverse team of professionals with combined experience  on a number of international markets and sectors including: Engineering, Sales, Corporate Finance, Marketing and Product Design.  Adam is the company's Chief Technical Officer, Angela Sepulveda (Chief Executivel Officer) and Juan Esteban Sierra (Chief Marketing Officer) as founding partners. Together they have professional experience in USA, Canada, Germany and Colombia.


The company expects to follow a local sales strategy in the short term, taking advantage of the developement channels and sales driven by the develoement cycle. In the mid term Innovo will follow an international market including Latinamerica, the United States, Cananda, Europe and East Asia.


Innovo is dedicated to create a 3D Printing ecosystem ensuring an automated effortless user experience. With this in mind, The Inventor was designed to be durable, thrustworthy and with top-notch features, being easy to use and simple at the same time. The Company believes that additionally  to excelent tech, a great support is key for the needs of every industry.