Inventor Pro

We are presenting our latest development the Inventor Pro 3D Printer.

Bringing Profesional 3D Printing Solutions to the Industry.

One of the few 3D printers in the world able to print PEEK and other High Performance Engineering Grade Materials.

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Inventor Pro

With the  Inventor Pro we are passing over our bounderies and developing solutions that will allow users to not only improve their production with faster prototyping, but also adopting additive manufacting on other parts of a products lifecycle. 

Augmenting Efficiency and Lowering Costs with the help of 3D Printing and high strenght durable engineering grade materials it's a goal that we help customers achieve with the  Inventor Pro.


Industries such as:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Electronics

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

  • Energy

  • Medical 

Are ones that would benefit the most from Professional Additive Manufacturing Solutions such as the ones provided by Innovo.

Unlike low cost 3D Printers that can only print in low strength materials like ABS and PLA, the  Inventor Pro can print with PC, ULTEM, PEEK, PAEK, PEKK, PSU, PPSF and many others. Some of these materials could only be printed on machines that cost over $100,000USD or are otherwise not available. The  Inventor Pro makes these materials available to everyone with a small footprint and affordability


Quick and Easy to Setup

The  Inventor Pro is ready to print out of the box. Just plug it in and begin printing. Wifi connectivity and Auto-leveling makes getting started even easier. No more calibration required.

Print with Industrial Grade Materials

Print with engineering grade materials such as Polycarbonate, ULTEM, PSU, PPSF, PEEK or many more.

Fast, Big and Precise

Print with speeds up to 400 mm/s, a precision of up to 25 microns and a max volume of 28x28x35cm

Printable Materials


PLA    ABS    PETG PP  PVA    HIPS    WOOD    TPE    PCL   and many more...


Polycarbonate       PA (Nylon)      PPA